It’s Me, Your Average Hippie

Hey there, my name is Faith and I want to tell you a little more about my story…

It started back in high school. I had a project to work on for my art class and I chose to paint a pair of pants. I then wore them to school on the due date of my assignment.

There was something about wearing my art instead of having it hidden in a notebook.

I was always that girl in school who loved wearing funky outfits and showing my personality through my clothes, and that’s what I’ve loved to bring to Average Hippie.

I want this to be a brand where other creatives and fashion lovers come together and create a space where we can be funky and wear unique clothes and express our creativeness through what we wear!

I want to create conversations with random people in coffee shops when they see a unique piece of art on your shirt. I want to create relationships for you and others to find your people, those who love art and creating and wearing cool clothes and just have something to connect people in the world together.

With that my last note to you is, get the piece that you’re nervous to get. The one where people may look at you funny or question your taste in fashion. Because you will be able to find YOUR people and connect with them by showing a piece of yourself, literally, on your sleeve. So go out there and find the other art loving, funky fashion, creative people, and get to know each other.