How to Paint Your Own Wedding Jacket

How to Paint Your Own Wedding Jacket

Weddings can get expensive, we all know that. But you can’t help but want to make it as special and intimate as you can! Well lets take one expense out by teaching you how to paint your own wedding jacket!

The first step is, finding the jacket you want to paint. Any jacket I paint I found thrifting, this way you can get a nice jacket for half the price.

Next let’s get you some paint! Hobby lobby is a favorite of mine for any art needs. You will want to pick your favorite colors of acrylic or fabric paint. Once you have those check the stencil section for big letter and any designs you like.

Lastly head home and start designing! When your design is finished, iron it for 5 minutes inside out or toss it into the dryer for 15 minutes to heat set it!

Now you have your very own Mrs. wedding jacket fro less cost! If you are looking for someone else to design one for you, look no further head to my customs inquiry page, right here custom inquiry and lets get one started for you!

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