Face art - Our body is a canvas

Face art - Our body is a canvas

How cool to think of our bodies being canvasses. We start with a base and create with our personal style - from the clothes we wear, the accessories we put on, and how we do our hair.  

I love using bodies as a canvas for art. Back painting and face painting, painting my arms and legs, it’s a fun way to be creative in a new way. 

It’s October 31st, I painted my face for my works pumpkin carving party. I saw an inspo pic and decided to create it. I’m not a Halloween person, it’s not something I celebrate, but I love face painting.

I am trying to do more face art and use it for photos I do, personally and for my website, it adds a unique and fun twist to otherwise ordinary photos.

So here are a few photos of my most recent face art!

I used acrylic paint and James Charles x Morphe eye shadow palette
to create this look! It’s an artistic and colorful take on the colors that lie in our face and our features and accentuating them!


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